Oooohhh. This morning I felt GOOD. All day yesterday I had a hangover. The mother of all hangovers and the father-of-all-hangover got together again for one night to make a little baby BASTARD of a hangover just for me. It was self-inflicted of course. No-one ever had a hangover without it being their own fault. I hope not anyway (I'd find it difficult to imagine ... unless you have some pretty evil friend who thinks its funny to feed you Vodka in your sleep...)

Oh yes. Vodka. 50:50 Vodka and Orange. The Screwdriver. HmmmHmmmm. I love Vodka and Orange even more than beer. Between 4 of us we got through 8 cans and 2 bottles of Vodka. So yesterday morning I woke up feeling really thirsty, and like my brain was 2 sizes too large for my head. I felt a bit better after

  1. taking a Shower
  2. 2 glasses of water
  3. 1 mug of tea
  4. 2 paracetamol
  5. A number 2
Sitting down, however, made me very nauseous, and I threw up. Not pleasant. I hate throwing up. I really hate blowing bits of last-night's-rice from my nose after throwing up. I REALLY hate smelling my own puke for 2 hours after throwing up. Not nice. All day yesterday I felt like death. I got very little work done because I couldn't concentrate on anything. I was going to node my hangover but it was too depressing.

Today is the 1st of December. In my Cadbury's Advent Calendar this morning, I got a chocolate in the shape of a Christmas Cracker. I forget what the picture was. The drive to work was heavenly for two reasons.

  1. I didn't have a hangover. Hurrah
  2. BBC Radio 1 was playing some really cool tunes. It was half an hour of a particular year. I never got to hear what year it was (arrived at work too damned soon)
Today was a good day.

E2 activity:

  1. Wrote some lyrics nodes and one on Ace of Base. Not a lot of inspiration. Will research and node the (3? 4?) Ace of Base albums on Monday.
    I don't know WHY I'm noding Ace of Base. It's out there, and it's fair game - but I don't really like them. The guy sat next to me knew all the names of the band members, and even pointed me at their fansite. Scary.
  2. Fixed a couple of typos in Who shall we eat?
  3. Reached 200 writeups. Whoohoo. One-fifth of the way until I get there!