Alright these explanations of a cowboy are just sad.
A cowboy is one of many things, or, where I come from they're alot of different things.

  • A cowboy generally is yes, someone who is the lowest form of life on a ranch, not always doing the smartest thing, but doing that which seems to be right, and most effective at getting the job done. You just can't see him from the road.
  • A Rodeo hand. These are the types most people see, running around town in their trucks, these are the types of people I wandered around with in high school and wrote poems about (to see these go to my home-node). These people are bull-riders, bronco-busters, calf-ropers, steer-wrestlers, or barrel racers. The latter however tend more often to be cowgirls.
  • A person who owns cattle.
  • A fence rider. Someone who from dust 'til dawn rides on his horse and tends to the fence line.
  • A horse raiser. Where I'm from there are lots of these. Give a man a rope and a horse and he's a cowboy.(yeah right) the real cowboy in that story will be the man who breaks that horse, making it rideable for the poor saddle-sore chap who bought it.
  • A cowboy these days however seems to be anyone who welcomes this title.

9 times out of 10 a real cowboy will never brag about being a cowboy, he'll let you figure that out yourself. I bet no more than a handful of people who read this have ever actually seen a REAL cowboy.