Putting aside all the silly nodes that are out there involving the existence of a supreme being, I can't help but think this constantly.
What if they're really is a god and I don't believe? Eternity in the proverbial Hell?
What if there is not? Am I wasting my time teaching my children to grow up with some sort of moral responsibility?
This one thing tugs on my brain, at least once a week and it makes me think. Usually on my drive to work, when I see those billboard signs with cute little quotes, that say " something something blah blah. -God".
This worries me, did my grandfather waste his life believing in a god? I think not, my grandfather was the smartest human being I have ever stood in the presence of.
The truth is I do not know. No one knows, no one could ever know. I mean this is something that you have to experience, or die to find out, and not many people these days have experienced the "touch of god", which leaves dying to find out.
If there is a god, I want to be on his side, if not I think I'm doing just fine now.

See you in heaven?
See you in hell?