Goes is a town in the Netherlands. It is located in the southwest, in the province of Zeeland. The city has a population of approximately 25.000. The city is located on the former island of Zuid Beveland.

It might seem a funny name for a town to those who don't speak dutch, but when pronouncing the name Goes, it sounds nothing like the english word goes. The oe in Goes should be pronouned as oo, the same way it is pronounced in words like choose and goose.
Speaking of geese, there is a goose in the city's logo, and there are stories that the name Goes comes from a long time ago, when there were large fields outside the town, on which a lot of geese lived. The truth is that the city started as a humble town on the shores of the Korte Gos, which was a small lake in the 12th century. In the year of our lord 1417, countess Jacoba van Beieren allows the town to dig a moat around the town, complete with bridges, gates and city walls, and so it became a true city.