Battleship is also a Hasbro board game, based off of Battleships. It is played by two people.

Set up

Each player has a 10x10 grid in which they place their ships. Each player has five ships that can be placed either horizontal or vertical. The ships are different sizes:
  • One two unit ship
  • Two three unit ships
  • One four unit ship
  • One five unit ship

Ships can't overlap, and each player does not reveal their ships placement to the opponent.

Game Play

Once all ships are placed, each player takes turns announcing a grid location. The other player says either "Hit" or "Miss"; meaning there is a part of a ship at that location. The orientation of the ship is not revealed. Once a ship has been hit in each of it's units, it is sunk. Once one player sinks all of the opponent's ships the game ends.