Family history is related to, but distinct from, genealogy. Where genealogy is the tracing of who your relatives are (and were), family history is the collecting of their stories.

In genealogy, for example, I might document the fact that my mother has a brother named David Peter F-----, born on such-and-such a date, and is still living, and that he has three children.

In family history, I would note that his name was chosen by the family in an interesting way: All of the brothers and sisters submitted names on slips of paper. These slips were put into his father's pocket, and his then-pregnant mother drew two names at random. She drew Peter, then David, and so he was to be called Peter David F-----. The family decided that they liked "David Peter F-----" better, however, so they swapped the two names.

I would also note that he has the nickname "Pilot" because, as a teenaged geek, he amassed a collection of hardware and would pile it on the workbench in the basement (and everwhere else).

All of this might come in handy in genealogy, but in truth it isn't meant to be. Family history stands on its own merits as a rewarding hobby.