I've been using the text of the "Qabalistic Cross" for a number of years, and I'd completely forgotten that it had any sort of meaning to other people.

I use this as a quick little blessing on myself. I close my eyes and imagine myself at the origin of a three-dimensional Cartesian system with axes (axises, not axes, mind you) aligned to my body. Then, imagining streams of golden light coming from me (up, down, left, right, back and forward, in that order), I say to myself: Ateh / malkuth, / v'geburah, / v'gedulah, / laolam / va-ed. This is Hebrew for Thine / is the Kingdom, / and the Power, / and the Glory, / forever / and ever.

I say to myself: Amen. And then I open my eyes and bring my mind back to the task at hand, whatever that is.

If this strikes your fancy ("Oh, I'm sorry... did my fancy just run into you?"), feel free to use it. Of course, if you're the type to use this, you probably don't feel a need for my permission. Take beauty and truth wherever you find them, that's my motto.