Sin is a first-person shooter created by Ritual Entertainment from Dallas, Texas and published by Activision. Features a trash-talking buff cop as the hero, a smart-alec hacker sidekick, and a gorgeous, evil CEO/biogeneticist as the villain. Also contains a branching plotline, some fairly decent graphics, Duke Nukem-style interactivity, and a rockin' intro video. It came out just a short time before Half-Life and was berated in the press for being massively buggy. The bugs (which were show-stoppers) were cleared up in the 1.01 patch, but by then it was too late- Half-Life mania was sweeping the gaming industry.

Ritual should be commended for continuing to patch this product, however, even past the point of profitabilty. In one of the later patches, they released SinCTF, which added a new and complex team game for free.