Around here, we call it Arid-Zone-A. We were going to be the 47th state, but there was a brief problem in the state's constitution, and while we were correcting it, New Mexico beat us in. Home of the Grand Canyon, and very little else of note. It's not hot everywhere in the state- large portions of the state are at pretty high altitudes. Arizona is the southwest corner of the Four Corners. The capital is Phoenix, but the state university (University of Arizona) is in Tucson. Large portions of the state have problems getting enough water- this includes major cities like Tucson.

Unless you live in Maricopa County, your school will get very little funding.

In a weird twist of Arizona politics, the feds set up a sting operation on some state representatives who were, well, corrupt. They caught one woman on tape after being offered money saying "You got MY vote, honey!" in an emphatic manner. She pleaded not guilty at her trial. If you want to know the political situation in Arizona, that about sums it up.