I just had my very last day of high school. It's quite a momentous occasion.

There's this tradition at my school that the night before the senior's final day, all the seniors get absolutely rip shit drunk at some party, and somehow stumble to a giant hill near the high school, at which point we set up tents, have outrageous amounts of sex, drink more, smoke some drugs and pass out. This year, one particulary daring group reenacted the Joint Subcommitee Meeting on the 50 Yard Line from Dazed and Confused.

Then, at 7:30 the next day, when the school bell rings, the seniors drunkenly run down the hill, along the soccer field, through the main courtyard and into each building, shouting and banging on doors and lockers and generally being ridiculous. During this, somebody usually manages to get hurt, or break something important. After this, we all meet in the main courtyard, where we chant our year number (i.e. 04! 04! 04! 04!) and then begrudgingly, we make our ways to our next classes, spending the day nostalgically reminiscing about days gone by and telling stories.

Finally, when school is over, we all go to the Senior parking lot, drive our cars to the outskirts of the lot, and do the chant again in the center of the lot. Then we go to somebody's house and get drunk again.

Regardless, let's just say it's been a damn good day.