1) What is the weight of a quarter bag in grams?
a. 1/4 gram
b. 3.5 grams
c. 7 grams
d. 28 grams

2) If asked to "roll", what drug is being offered?
a. coffee
b. cocaine
c. special k
d. ecstasy

3) Which term does not belong with the others?
a. hog leg
b. seed
c. spliff
d. blunt

4) Which drug has carried criminal charges of "conspiracy to overthrow the government?"
a. coffee
b. PCP
c. LSD
d. morphine

5) How much should an eight ball weigh?
a. 4 pounds
b. 1/16 ounce
c. 1/8 ounce
d. as much as a 40 of Old English

6)Angel Dust is a nickname for?
a. PCP
b. coffee
c. LSD
d. special k

7)Excluding a spinal tap, what is the most acurate LSD test?(from an employer's standpoint)
a. hair follicle analysis
b. urine analysis
c. SAT
d. this piece of crap I'm noding

8) How many ounces are in a QP?
a. 15
b. 4
c. 2
d. 10

9) Which of the these inhalants is really lame?
a. Endust
b. engine coolant
c. paint
d. all of the above

10)What happened to one out of every three people's friend who took LSD?
a. has a job making more money than you
b. thought they were a glass of orange juice afraid to spill
c. took it to feel good and experienced 10 hours of pure unrelenting hell
d. took more the next night


*) How will this attempt at noding and humor be taken?
a. Hm... that's strange. There's nothing there!
b. my downvote showed I lost interest at question one
c. that many softlink insults has to be a record
d. I created a special softlink just for you and your crappy node!