Stuart once traveled to a factory that had magnificent murals adorning the walls of the production floors and hallways. Those murals were a testament of the people who had spent their lives work within those walls and all that they had created and accomplished. He saw them being whitewashed over and felt sorrow in his heart as knew that as he left, nobody would ever see those murals ever again. It was something which, once full of life, had died.

Stuart found a website full of people who were sharing their lives' stories. He was intrigued by their stories and their lives, the places that they went and the adventures that they experienced. He realized that he had found a place to put his memory of the murals on the factory walls so that that memory would not die. The other writers of the website read about the factory. Hundreds of times his memory was shared and he felt proud.

Stuart woke up one Sunday morning. He made himself a cup of espresso as he often did. He turned on his laptop, loaded the everything2 page and logged onto his user account. He found that only he and E2D2 were logged on. The catbox said, "and all is quiet..."

Stuart opened the first writeup in the NEW WRITEUPS nodelet and found it blank. He opened each subsequent writeup and found each of those writeups to be blank as well. He clicked on softlinks, he clicked on hardlinks, but each new destination brought him to a blank page.

Stuart navigated to the homenodes of his favorite writers. These writers that he has come to know in their daylogs and even to writers that he never knew. Each writer was an Initiate at Level 0. Experience numbers remained to remind him of the missing writeups that had been read and had once received praise from their fellow writers. Words that would never be available for him to enjoy again. Each homenode which was as unique as a college dorm room was now lifeless and devoid of their clever catchphrases, links, quips, quirks, and catbox quotes that he knew once existed. Bookmark links were deleted. Categories were filled with ghost nodes. Usergroups were populated only by the fled.

Stuart felt, once again, that something unique and beautiful had been whitewashed over. Once again he felt sorrow in his heart that something which, once full of life, had died.