I say that the some of the best days in life are right after a grueling week of midterms or any other forms of examinations. I just finished the second of two midterms for my psychology class yesterday, and I believed that I did quite well, considering the amount of class time I actually spent there. Now, I found myself sleeping almost 12 hours to recover from the all-nighter that I pulled the last two nights. Nothing like sleep deprivation to rejuvinate the body with the most sound sleep possible.

I dreamt weird things last night and I found myself wondering about my state of mind. Thanks to college, if found myself whether my dreams were simply a form of Freud's Wish Fulfillment theory or simply as a form or problem solving. I refuse to believe that my dreams are simply due to my forebrain trying to make sense of random neural information that comes from the other parts. I even astound myself, remembering the information. I'm pondering whether this is what I'm good at or what I like. What an interesting predicament, trying to separate efficiency vs wants. But nonetheless, the last two days have been interesting due to the lack of extreme thinking.

Now that I've gone back to my regular schedule of tiring my body out with exercise, work and sleep deprivation, I highly suspect my overanalytical brain to be burning the midnight oil. I have had some ideas in my head, but not ones I can act on. But for now, I'll leave it at that. Maybe I finish up more of those origami stars. They always do make nice gifts, time consuming as they may be.

My obsession with Kim Ji Hye is starting to disturb me. I find myself just surfing the web for her pictures and almost gitty when I find another new picture. She's just so unbelievably beautiful that I cannot find words to describe it. My friends don't agree but I don't particularly like all the ladies that they find appealing as well. That's okay. In its own little way, the less of everyone that this infatuation involves makes it feel like its all mine. Individualism is important to me, and knowing that I am myself and no one else somehow gives me comfort.

My korean pronounciation is getting better as I listen to more music. I don't understand a word but I mention some sentences to a co-worker who's taking korean classes and she actually understands, even though most of the time they're incomplete sentences. Proud of myself, I'm finding myself here listening to more BoA, S.E.S and Toya. Lame but funny.

MrFurious and all them other dudes have recently been bugging me about having a secret girlfriend. Intriguing, and definitely flattering. I respond negatively but after a while, like anything else repetitive, I won't really give a crap. But I find it disturbing that my mom thinks that I really do have one due to the amount of cell phone time that I use. I'm finding myself hard pressed to explain but my mom is always sweet. What can I say? Mama's Boy should be tattooed all over me.

I was thinking of taking Jiu Jit Su lessons but when I realized that they were about 100 bucks a month, I simply couldn't afford it. The self delusional idea that I can beat on someone would be great but I wouldn't be able to afford it. I guess the only way to relieve the physical pressure would be to go to the gym. *Blink*. My eyes hurt. Its time to go...

You can ring my bell....Ring my bell.....*Ding Dong*.....*Blink*.....