Compiled overview of the 80 ton Spartan 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

Just before the start of the Amaris Civil War, the Star League begun full production of the Spartan class BattleMech at Martinson Armaments on Terra. Martinson delivered 600 Spartans to the SLDF before Amaris's troops took Terra and destroyed the production facility. According to ComStar records, General Aleksandr Kerensky took fifty of the two hundred Spartans that had survived the Amaris Civil War with him during the Exodus. The last known operational Spartan, aside from those among the Com Guard, was believed destroyed during the Third Succession War.

Built as a general-service BattleMech, the Spartan is fast, mobile, and able to deliver deadly firepower at all ranges. It has a top speed of more than 86 kph, making it faster than other ' Mechs in its weight class. The Spartan's armor protection is above average, with fourteen tons of armor covering its frame. The core of the Spartan's firepower is a Kinslaughter H-Class extended-range PPC. Because of the Kinslaughter's superior workmanship and special insulating cones this model produces less heat than other PPCs. Currently, only ComStar and the Word of Blake are building the Kinslaughter. The PPC is backed by three Blankenburg Medium Pulse Lasers and two Holly SRM-2 Streak Missle Racks. The Spartan also mounts a TAG system in its left torso to help direct friendly artillery fire. To help the Spartan dissipate the tremendous heat built up by its weapons, the N2 model is equipped with thirteen double heat sinks.

The Spartan is also equipped with a McArthur anti-missile system and two tons of ammunition. During the Com Guard's battles on Tukayyid, Spartan pilots found that the placement of the anti-missile system low in the 'Mech's waist made it prone to jamming when the 'Mech ran or twisted its torso. Fortunately, technicians easily solved the problem by moving the system higher up in the right torso.

Nineteen of the known operational Spartans are deployed in ComStar's Com Guard, and a few others belong to three mercenary units. Rhonda's Irregulars has four Spartans; two mercenary units operating in the Periphery, the Black Heart Roses and the Blackstone Highlanders, have two Spartans each. All are priceless, as no new Spartans have been built in more than two hundred years.

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