compiled overview of the 45ton Beowulf 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

After the Clan defeat on Tukayyid, ComStar immediately began upgrading several small production facilities in the Free Rasalhague Republic into 'Mech factories. The largest, Odin Manufacturing's facility on Orestes, was the first to produce a new 'Mech design, the Beowulf.

In 3058, when ComStar was driven from Terra, all of its Mongoose scout 'Mechs were destroyed. Rather than order more, the Precentor Martial decided to build a new 'Mech that would serve as a scout without the Mongoose’s lack of firepower and mobility. The new 'Mech, the Beowulf, is nearly twice as heavy as the Mongoose and has jump capability.

The Beowulf is extremely mobile, combining an XL engine with MASC for extra speed and with a 180meter jump radius. Combined with that mobility is the firepower provided by a large pulse laser and two of the newly developed ER medium lasers, purchased from the Free Worlds League. As a scout 'Mech, the Beowulf is also equipped with a Beagle active probe and a TAG system to direct incoming artillery.

Half of the Beowulfs produced go to the Com Guards, the other half to the Rasalhague Kungsarme. To date, only the 321st Division of the Com Guards and the Fourth Kavalleri of the Kungsarme have received Beowulfs.

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