Today I got a call that I thought might come.
Phone: O hi, this is Cyril from Bagbiter Employment Agency (To call an employment agent scum would be an insult to good wholesome algae). You remember that position at MegaPharm a month ago (I remember. Contract position of uncertain duration, long commute, huge corporation with wobbly stock price, outrageously high pay rate). Well, they are now back on track and would like to see you.

Me: It’s a pity that you didn’t come back to me three weeks ago (you bastard). I am employed now (at a sensible but non-spectacular salary).

Cyril: And how long will that position last?

Me: It’s a permanent role. I have no intention of going back into the (currently utterly crap and not likely to improve anytime soon) job market any time soon. Besides, I kinda like it here. I get to use Everything2

Cyril: Ok, that’s great. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll put you down to give a call in a year’s time.

I felt mingled vindictive pleasure and avaricious regret.

Pleasure from being in a position to tell one of those bullshit artists 'go away, I don’t need you', even if I did stay within politeness. Having to be consistently polite to these people, even when they repeatedly failed to call me back etc., lest they not help me was the thing that I disliked the most about being in search of employment.

Regret from not getting more money – the end of this month will be much appreciated. Besides, Cyril was far from the worst agent that I had dealings with.

Names have been changed to protect the involved.