I was travelling through the city center. I'm not quite sure which town, but it got most of it's features from my home town, Cape Town. I was on a bicycle (In Waking Life I don't own one) pedalling at a fair speed along the elevated freeway (IWL this is not legal) that runs around the city center (IWL I don't work in that part of town.) This was a route that, in the dream, I was familar with to the point of routine. Perhaps I was going home from work.

I had come to the point where I got off the elevated freeway. I did this not by an offramp, but by a door into a building that abutted onto the road. I freewheeled down a spiral ramp, and rode out onto ground level.

I looked up.

I was looking up at two buildings. Two identical buildings, one on either side of me. Two very tall towers, very familiar looking, but not from Cape Town. I've seen them on TV often enough, though until I woke up they just seemed every-day normal, nothing significant or out of place. Though the sky was mostly blue and the sun was shining, there was a low cloud of white and grey mist filling the space between thier tops. A fine mist of rain was falling from the cloud (In reality, it was raining outside).

For some reason I then had to retrace my steps. I got back into the buildings, and located the elevator bank. I stood there, next to my bicycle, and asked people at which floor the elevated freeway exit was to be found, but no one would answer me. Some of them smiled but remained silent. I exclaimed loudly: "I've got to get to the 87th floor!"

Later that night I dreamed of food. B- and a friend of his were looking for food, but had none. However I looked through my rooms and gathered to together a decent quantity of snack junk foor. We all sat on a bed to eat. I noticed that he had a box of breakfast cereal. However the cereal in the box consisted of mlk-chocolate candy bars as long as my arm. It looked a lot like one of the snacks that I had found, only larger.

I started to eat one, and found it less sweet than I had expected, but with a strong cinnamon taste.

A food dream is a sign of strong hunger, and I have been deliberately restricting my food intake over the last few days. I havn't eaten much fat or sugar, which is what the candy bar was.