Merrydown is a British brand of cider, perhaps most popular in Scotland. It is available in two flavours, sweet and dry (denoted by gold and silver labels respectively). In certain areas of society it has acheived cult status . These areas can be broadly summarised as:

  • Underage drinkers
  • Tramps/Alcoholics
  • Students

The main motivation most have for drinking Merrydown is normally price. A 750ml bottle @ 7.5% A.B.V can be had for as little as £1.75. This (together with its association with the groups above) has led to Merrydown being shunned by most of 'polite' society. However there are those who see through this narrow minded view and embrace Merrydown. These stalwarts of the park bench and especially the University are wildly evangelical about Merrydown and have developed a rigidly codified approach to drinking it. It is interesting to note that many people regard only one flavour as drinkable and see the other with abject horror.

The advantages of Merrydown drinking are similar to those of Buckfast, except it induces a less dramatic state of drunkenness. Infact it is the perfect drink for the 'buckie' afficiondo on those occasions where 'buckie' would get you a bit f**ked up. It contains a near perfect amount of alcohol to consume before going out to the pub for example.

However the true and proper place to consume it is outdoors. Any scenic area will do, although as smoking weed will almost certainly be involved as well, seclusion is best. Some places are of course better than others, and Edinburgh is dear to the hearts of many Merrydown drinkers, the twin sites of Bruntsfield links and Arthurs seat are regarded by many to be the best places in Britain to drink it. Those who wish to experiment with Merrydown are advised to do it in a quiet and safe area like St-Andrews.