I love - LOVE - the regional dialects of Japan. (Linguistically I'm sure Japanese is no more or less expressive than other languages , but) I find Japanese to be a very expressive language, and the regional dialects like Kansai-ben are even better.

Japanese people always think it's weird that I want to learn, say, Osaka dialect (a subset of Kansai), but its vitality and honesty are really attractive to me.

I've heard some Enka songs in Kansai dialect, but even those are rare.

Miraculously, I actually have a textbook on the subject - I think there's a phrasebook for foreigners that uses mostly romaji, but I managed to get an actual textbook for students of Japanese that grammatically dissects the Osaka dialect - and best of all, no romaji! I'd recommend this book only to third-year and higher students. It even has audio tapes, which you need, because the intonation of Osaka dialect is quite a bit different from the standard hyoujungo.

The textbook in question, in case you live near a Kinokuniya bookstore or something, is "Kiiteoboeru Kansai (Oosaka) Ben" ("Listen and Remember Kansai "Osaka" Dialect").