If I were Bill Watterson, I'd be angry

I would really goddamned hacked off at American Society, because those peeing Calvin stickers are everywhere. It's bad enough that they pirated his work - people are making a killing (I assume) off of pirated images of Calvin pissing on anything and everything!

So that's bad enough.

But lately I've been seeing these bizzare female Calvin-ish images - all with that idiotic evil grin, usually in demonic high heels , sometimes baring their arse in my general direction sometimes, (I was genuinely shocked) squatting down and pissing. Captions include such witty sayings as "eat shit" and "bitch princess". (What the hell is a bitch princess? Whatever it is, I want no dealings with their kind!)

It's really gotten disgusting, to an extent that saddens me. The real tragedy is that a funny, poignant comic strip like Calvin and Hobbes has been perverted into crude bumper sticker fodder. Ironically, if Bill Watterson had done a bit of merchandising, there would be legitimate images on stickers, and not this nasty white trash stuff that's going around now. I respect his right not to want his work defiled, but apparently that's way too much to expect from the general populace of America.

I'm going to go crawl in my sock drawer, and sleep for days. Sob.