Just to add to the first writeup re: DC Comics characters called "Starman."

Ted Knight was the first to carry the name, from 1940 to 1950.

There a Starman in 1951 for a year and a day.

Then in the 70s there was another Starman unrelated to Knight. This was a blue skinned alien called Mikaal Tomas, who was suggested to have taken his name from the song from Ziggy Stardust. He defended earth from aliens of his own race but eventually was inhaled by Opal City's 1970s subculture.

Then in deep space there was Prince Gayvn who was called Starman. He used the name to regain his throne, but later died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Shortly afterward, a new Starman was created when a young man in the midwest was hit by rays that made him much more than human, almost on a Superman level. He later died as well, fighting Eclipso.

After the Zero Hour event, Ted finally retired and handed the mantle over to his son David, who was Starman until his death, after which Jack reluctantly took on the role.

Curiously, all men named Starman, even those who took the name in a somewhat random fashion, utilized the same cosmic energy, even if they manipulated it in different ways and means.