At my old job we used to collect the bottle caps to read the sayings. (yes, we are losers) They always had something to do with a lizard and usually could be taken as a zen saying.

Be the lizard
Drain the lizard
be one with the lizard
A Fist full of Lizards
As Seen On TV
Bare Naked Lizards
Be the Lizard Danny
Big Air
Carve This
Drain the Lizard
Full Metal Lizard
Get stronger, Last Longer
Gimmie My Yohimbe
Good Lizard Hunting
H to the Lizzo
Have Lizard will Travel
Have you hugged a Lizard Today?
Hey Lizard, Lizard, Lizard
I Love The Smell Of Lizards In The Morning
Hey Lizard, Lizard, Lizard
It's all good
It's Sobe Time!
It's Still in the Crate
Just drain it
Life is a Lizard
Light My Lizard
Lizard Blizzard
Lizard Gear (1-800-588-0548)
Lizard King
Lizard Lightining
Lizard Lips
Lizard Lounge
Lizard Zen
Lizards Enlighten
Lizards Last Longer
Lizards Love Tacos
Lizards never tasted this Good
Longer & Stronger
Mighty Tasty
Mind, Body, Lizard
Mounties eat Lizards Eh?
Mr. Green
No Drain NO Gain
Pinball Lizard
Power, Wisdom, Energy
Raging Lizard
Recycle The Lizard
Saving Private Lizard
Seize This Honkus
SOBE and the City
SOBE Healthy Refreshment
Sobe the Money
Sobe Wan Kenobe
Tastes Great...Feels Better
Team Lizard
Team Lizard-Boarding
The few, The Proud, The Lizards
The Full Lizard
The Good, The Bad, The Lizards
The Liz That Is
The Lizards are Loose
These Lizards are for you
Throw Yogurt
We are Huge
We Came, We Saw, We Drained
Why Gum a Gumby When you can Lick a Lizard?
You can't handle the Lizard