Rottweilers are a German descended canine with black coat, and tan markings. A highly intelligent, but stubborn breed. They are generally considered to be in the "working" class of dogs, which means that they were bred for professional work of some sort. Rottweilers were originally bred by the Visigoths to herd and protect their livestock, and defend their families. Today, Rotties are trained for police work, and as attack animals for security work. While their sturdy, thick build and jowly visage often gives the impression of of a killer, along with their portrayal in films such as Cujo as killers, Rotties are some of the sweetest dogs you can find. There are two variations of Rott. The German breed is longer, more lean, and more frequently appear on film. The English Rottweiler is much stockier, their markings a darker tan, and their face and build much closer to a bulldog.