Make fun of disabled people in general. I am in a wheelchair and the best jokes my friends and I make are usually at my expense. People should accept themselves for who they are and shouldn't take everything so serious.

Don't just make fun of the handicapped, ridicule anyone. It will make them a better person and be damn funny at the same time. Some groups to exclude: The retarded kids that don't know you are making fun of them, Fat people who don't accept that they are fat. While I'm on the subject, fuck political correctness. I don't care what you want to be called if your black, I'll call you black, handicapped or crippled are perfectly acceptable (I hate terms like orthopedically impaired, mainly because I can't spell them much less take the time to use them), etc. Next time someone says they are African-American ask them what part of Africa they are from. You'll be surprised the responses you get. This works with any (fill in the blank)-American.