A "fire lizard" is a delightful little creature out of the world of Pern as created by Anne McCaffrey. They are miniature dragons, or dragonets. A fire lizard's mood can be determined by the color of the eyes, the speed of the whirling, along with body language.

Fire lizards are notorious for their curiosity and penchant for singing or crooning. They are frequently used as messengers by wrapping a note or letter around the leg. They have the ability to travel Between, which is a void where dragon and related species can travel from point A to point B in a matter of seconds.

Fire lizards can be Impressed much like Pernese dragons by being present at the hatching, and feeding the voracious little reptiles. This creates a bond between the fire lizard and owner that will last until one or the other passes away. Fire lizards are fiercely loyal and protective of their masters, and are amusing little pets to keep around, but they must be fed on demand -- theirs.

Another ability of the fire lizards is that of breathing fire after chewing a certain type of rock. This seers the deadly Thread that falls onto Pern as granted by the Red Star. They are often recruited for this purpose, and trained.