The original guide is getting old and is of only medium value. The first part of the guide is dealing with Japanese women in Korea, which is kind of ridiculous, for a person in Korea or wanting to meet Korean women. If you want to meet Japanese women, come to Japan.

Another example- The Live Jazz bar in Daehangno that he mentioned is worthless for single foreign men. The Jazz is not that good, just Koreans copying somebody else's culture with limited understanding. And everybody knows Itaewon, but it may not be where you want to go to find a Korean woman because they are often jaded and scamming on foreigners. However, his tip about Korean women that smoke is spot on. Usually rebel Korean women smoke, however, be careful that she doesn't smoke too much and is a chain smoker.

I've lived in both Japan and Korea for years, so can help clarify some things. This is a very honest observation about the situation. What is also missing from the original guide is clearly telling tourists and visitors what they are up against in Korea.

1. Many Koreans are racist, nationalistic, and xenophobic. In addition many are often rude/impolite, attempt to cheat foreigners (watch and count your money), or their kindness and politeness is directly in proportion to how much money you will give them or if you have something that they want.

2. Many Korean women are snobbish, stuck-up, narcissistic, conceited, and boastful. In Korea, it is like an epidemic among many women to act poorly in that way.

Many of the women, if they think they are attractive in anyway, have very bad attitudes. They will not know humility or humbleness. They will brag about any minor accomplishment and if they think they have a nice body, may try to show it off. But this showing off of their body is not sexy or sexual in the usual way, but a way to boost their over inflated ego and for attention. Many foreigners will have to deal with Korean women that are in fantasy land and act very fake, as if they are million dollar queens (like a fake confused Asian wannabe Paris Hilton), when they are ordinary Jane. The attitude of Korean women can be very annoying and ugly.

3. Many Korean women are very sneaky about sex, very sexually immature in a bad way, and/or very fearful about what others think and being seen with foreign men.

Sneaky- Korean women will try to pretend and lie to everybody that they are a virgin/near virgin. If she is sexually active, she will often try to hide it. It will often be very difficult for men to have open and honest conversations about sex with Korean women, without her lying, her being clueless, or her hiding things from you.

Fearful- Many Korean men are often insecure or jealous, when they see foreign men with Korean women. Many have complexes about the size of their manhood or being compared with foreign men. They often will try to intimidate Korean women into not dating foreigners, insult them because they dated foreigners, or try to exclude them from their group. However, Korean men will often lust and chase after foreign women, while oppressing their women. Other Korean women can intimidate or create fear and intimidation can come from older (often backwards minded) Koreans. Many Korean women are foolishly afraid of being given the "slut" label, even if they are only talking to a foreign person.

Korean women can also exhibit very lesbian-like behavior. Very strong homosocial and homosexual tendencies, which makes it even more difficult for men to approach or talk to them. We are talking very aggressive lesbian moves like kissing other women, touching of other women's bodies in public, sleeping with women, dancing with women, pulling girlfriend away if a man is talking to her, etc...

Sexually immature/clueless- Many Korean women are in a kind of Korean jail/bubble where they have no exposure to the outside world and different kinds of people. Many Korean women have no idea what good sex is. There is also strong censorship of sexuality in Korea, and sexuality is treated in a backwards, dirty, or something to be hidden way. Very unhealthy thinking. Their present man might be exerting maximum control over them, though he is small or lacking in any sexual skill. She may develop massive guilt complexes over sex from imported Christianity taken out of context or have excessive fear that being good at sex or liking sex makes her a bad woman. Korean women who are frigid, sexually confused, or who stop having sex after a few years into the relationship or after having a baby are common.

Places to meet regular Korean women that are not prostitutes

As mentioned, this is very hard, especially outside of Seoul. You can try clubs, bars, while on the train, coffee shops, the street, the Internet, etc... It is recommended you try various places and various ways.

It will often take a week or more for foreign men to figure out places to go or what works for them, unless they have a friend in Korea that can show them around. You can try meeting Korean women over the Internet, but watch out for scams and time wasting. IF the Korean woman is for real, then she will MEET you.

The main problem for foreign men when approaching Korean women, is that they are often with girlfriends from groups to 2 to 4. Korean women groups can be strong "man-blockers". The girlfriend(s) will often be: jealous of the attention you are giving her friend, anti-sexual, try to directly control their friend, racist or disapprove of foreigners, or have lesbian/bi-sexual issues.

The odd Korean female groups (you have to see this Korean craziness to understand/believe it) can make 1 to 1 conversation with a Korean woman very difficult as her Korean girlfriends will often interfere, intimidate her, or pull her away. On top of that old people and Korean men, even without knowing your relationship with her, can make comments, give bad looks, or interfere as well.

Clubs or discos are among the WORSE or hardest ways to meet Korean women. Bringing a Korean woman to a club/disco for a date is fine (actually a restaurant, bar, or movie may be a better choice since it is more 1 to 1), but meeting/picking them up in a club/disco can be very difficult. The women are often excessively defensive, in female groups, and it is hard to talk with very loud music. With bars, it depends if it is the type you can walk up and talk to people. Some racist/xenophobic Korean bar owners (like Seoul Pub in Itaewon) will ban/bar foreign men from talking to Korean women in their bar. Better to find and go to bars that are truly more international and romance friendly.

The best thing you can do, if she is in a group with a girlfriend, is try to get her phone number or e-mail, then schedule a private date with just you and her. Better yet, try to avoid female groups (as even many Korean men do) and meet Korean women in 1 to 1 conditions. Take her to a nice restaurant, jazz show, etc... Just make sure it is someplace you can have a relatively private 1 to 1 conversation.


This is when you are defeated, have little pride, or of last resort. It simply doesn't compare to real sexual relationships. You are basically wasting your money on some heartless Korean woman that services dozens of men a day. The quality of the women will be low, often old or ugly, and after you orgasm they will want you to leave or pay more money.

Many Korean women that are prostitutes are so willingly and clearly for money. It is a huge and profitable industry in Korea. A lot of the "controversy" is fake, political xenophobia directed at foreigners, or anti-male feminist politics.

Places like "hooker hill" in Itaewon are nasty, rude, and of low quality. However, if you like lady-boys and transsexuals, they have some places for you there. Many places that cater to foreigners are very expensive and over-priced compared to what Korean men pay, especially in the city. Korean men and smart foreigners can get it for $50 dollars (around 60,000 WON depending on exchange rate), while many places or independents try to take advantage of tourists for $200 dollars. $200 dollars is NOT worth it, better to save that money for a plane ticket to another country, like Thailand or the Philippines. Anything starting over 90,000 WON or $100 dollars (100,000 + WON), you should NOT do it because you can get CHEAPER somewhere else. And remember that even if she tells you 1 hour, if you orgasm in 15 minutes, she will try to make you pay extra or its over.

Another method (if you insist on paying) is to contact escort services over the Internet and arrange a "date", so that she comes to you or you meet someplace safe and convenient. However, many of the escorts have INSANE expensive prices listed on the Internet, so negotiate a cheaper price by phone. Any escort over $100 dollars (110,000 or so WON) in Korea IS scamming and over-charging you, and better for you to check out the train stations: Yongsan(across the street), Gireum (exit 10 or 5/cross street), Cheong-nyangni, other Red Light Districts, or "barber shops"(look for the red, white, and blue spinning colors) all over the place. Note- check out sex guide listings on the Internet for other places and descriptions before coming to Korea or have a friend in Korea take you.

Korean escorts from the Internet like to scam/over-charge foreign tourists, who don't know the real kind of prices in Korea (70,000 WON/ $60 dollars in Seoul and can be cheaper outside the city) and who book them from outside the country.

Watch out for gold-diggers, visa chasers, and game playing Korean women too.

These are at first seemingly nice Korean women with a sneaky agenda. They are con women and like amateur actresses trying to run scams and con games on foreigners. There are a class of Korean women that specialize in abusing foreign men and many can be found in Itaewon or the Internet personals/dating sites. She will have you buy her dinner, drinks, clothes, or is trying to get a visa for your country to escape Korea. It is a kind of prostitution, except she is not open or honest about what she is doing. She will often be trying to con multiple men at the same time, so while running a game on you, she can be lying and running con games on other guys at the same time too.