I came back to bed after my dream about drilling out of prison, but could not sleep again. Did not want to. Too full of energy after the prison break. Sometimes you wake up and have the energy to get up, and you should, even though it's an ungodly hour (4:30 a.m.). If you don't act at that point in your circadian cycle, it might be another five hours before you can get up, and then you'll feel all cranky.

So I dreamed about the prison break, and woke up feeling like: What are we doing putting all these people in prison? What exactly do we hope to accomplish by creating a little hell here on earth and throwing people into it? It's obviously not about reform anymore. So, punishment and deterrence. Well, it certainly is a deterrent for people like me. No way I want to go to prison! Terrifies me. But it's obviously not enough of a deterrent for the 1% of Americans who end up in jail, but will making it more hellish work? Why is it not a deterrent for so many people? And since they are not amenable to deterrence, what should we do once they land in jail? Whatever we're doing now is not working.

We are already quite discriminatory in how we punish crime. A woman is sent to a prison, but a man or a boy is sent to hell. Especially the boys. Rape camp. 60,000 "unwanted sexual acts" daily. Do we want to be doing this to males who then come back out into society?