It's raining again.

I went back to school today. I had a dreadful cough and cold over half-term, so I was unable to do anything. As a direct result of this, I discovered (or rather, took the time to signup to) Everything. As you might of guessed, then, this is my first day log.

But going back to school..... well, we have another new person in our class. We seem to get all the new people. Hald of them are losers, too.

Parents Evening is coming.. on Thursday. Of course everyone is really worried about it. Except me. I know I'll just get more glowing reports like last year.. It turns out I got 100% on my Business Studies test from last term. Hurrah.

My life seems a bit empty right now... too net-centric if you ask me, but then that's my fault as well.

As I said, it's raining. It'll go on raining. For a long time. For me at least.