Created by Bad Karma in 1992 Side 7 stared off as a BBS by the same name, specializing in anime. The idea was to be a place where a community could florish and people could, among other things, trade files. It florished after a redesign by Sir Kain, who later became the BBS's sysop, and met its accolade in 1995, at which point BBSs were becoming obsoliete. The S7 BBS was shutdown in '97 after a fatal reboot.

However, BK was not detured and, with the help of Esquire and Furrball they build the current Side 7, an online database for art, not limited to anime. Now it is mostly a fixture for furry artists, especially those who have their own special grudge against Yerf!, a sort of rival furry art server (most feel that is is elitist).

There currently over 1700 artists on Side 7. The website can be found at: