In 1986, the company Telesystems SLW was founded in Canada by 3 engineers formerly with Marconi Radio in order to develop spread spectrum wireless LANs.
In 1991, Telxon and Telesystems entered into an OEM agreement for spread spectrum hardware. At that time, Telxon was selling only narrow-band hardware. The Telesystems technology put Telxon considerably ahead of their competitors, which at that time included Symbol, Norand, LXE and Intermec.
In 1992, Telxon acquired Telesystems outright.
In 1994, Aironet was created from Telesystems and portions of Telxon's RF division. At that point, it was privately held and Telxon was both the company's largest stockholder and its largest customer. In 1999, Aironet filed an IPO. This was done in part to raise cash for Telxon, whose finances were rapidly spiraling downward. The IPO was not very successful, and Aironet was purchased by Cisco shortly thereafter.
In 2000, Telxon was purchased by its chief remaining competitor, Symbol.