I ordered a pizza from Papa John's last night. As my friends and I were enjoying its cheesey goodness, I noticed something interesting on the label. This label listed out the contents of the order, the price, and my address. The interesting thing is that, right at the top, next to my address, it said "Pizza Lover."

Now, I order something from them somewhere between 3 and 4 times a week, and have been a steady customer of that particular franchise for over a year. That is, I'm sure, quite above average. I dont remember ever seeing the "Pizza Lover" designation on the label before, but I never really looked too closely. So, is this actually a designation stored in their customer database that tells them I am a great customer, so the deliverators dont piss me off, or is it merely something they put on all of the boxes, hoping they'll be morons, like myself, and assume it means they're special?

Another interesting note, is that I've noticed they seem to have gotten significantly more polite since I moved into their delivery zone. Is it due to my status as an elite member of the Pizza Lover's guild, or did they just get a new manager who fired all the assholes?

By the way, never order extra cheese from Papa John's. It's a total ripoff, as they dont give you jack.