I would like to travel back in time...

But I wouldn't do it so I could bet on football games and track games *cough, back to the future 2.* I would do it to find out one simple thing: Is there such thing as fate? I really don't believe in it, but in a way I do... It would be easy as hell to figure out if it existed. Just go see if I could make myself do something different. I think if fate is really what it is cracked out to be then everything should go by the book. So not matter what happens, it will all happen the same, even though that should be impossible. That, is why I don't think fate exists. I could just be wrong though.

I believe in Buddhism, but am not a Buddha reincarnated, and I don't believe that I ever will be. I'm going through my teen years of doubt no doubt, unlike the Buddha, I can't find a special place for things in my heart. I follow the 10 rules, errr, except for the last two. I try not to lie, I try not to overindulge, but it's just to hard. I meditate, I do everything I'm supposed too, but it's just too hard. Buddhism has made me a better person, but instead of taking away my doubts, it just has me making up new ones to be worried about.

I'm in the land of confusion, don't pull me out now.