In concert, Arlo relates a story that he was forced to sing This Land is Your Land in school. One day he stopped singing because he simply didn't get it. He knew his father wrote the song, and the teacher couldn't comprehend why Arlo wouldn't sing it. So, she sent him home to his father for an explanation.

Arlo trots home to Woody and asks about this song. And, according to Arlo, Woody belts out the modified version claiming "this land is my land, this land ain't your land, get the hell off my land".

Whether or not Arlo made the story up remains to be seen. His daughter played with him the night I heard the story, and she intimated to the crowd that Arlo can lay on a whopper when he feels like it, as is quite evident in his songwriting. However, if Woody didn't write a second version in that manner, I bet he still would have thought it was pretty damn funny. From what I gather, he had a sense of humor.