It's 0320 and I'm at work. I got here about a half hour ago to take the other half of someone's dispatch shift at campus security. This means I get to kill four hours catching up on my E2.

Since December 29 is only three hours old here, I'll have to predict the future a little. Go with me on this.

A loan payment I set up a month and a half ago is going to be processed today. This will leave me, well, all the way short on rent. That's ok though, because rent is due on the 1st and payday is the 2nd. My rental property holds on to rent checks for a few weeks before cashing them, so I'm probably in good shape.

I'm going to call two of the girls that come in at 0700 at around 0630 and wake them up. This is of their own choosing. These happen to be two of my favorite people at this job, and I wish I was working with them instead of before them. Last semester we all worked Sunday nights together, and they're the only reason I didn't quit this job. They're good people.

Anyway, I'll get out of here around 0710, get home around 0730, and be asleep by 0732. I'll set my alarm for 1400 so I can get up in time for my other job at the factory. Nothing of note will happen there, because we were working on this Thursday's orders last Tuesday. We're coming into the slow winter season, and things are getting boring. After my eight hour shift there, I'll immediately lose consciousness again. I'm sleeping now like I did in high school, but I'm way too old for it. Makes me feel a little younger at any rate.

That will be the extent of my day. Thanks for talking to me E2. I've missed you so.