Cars tend to be guy things. Most women tend to view cars as a lump of metal that moves, however men can have near love affairs with their cars.
A car is not always a practical machine, in fact rarely is it such. If all cars were practical the only ones being produced would be Geos and Toyota Camrys.

It is my theory that the British make some of the best looking cars in all of history (Jaguar and Aston Martin for example) the problem is that beauty is only skin deep; these cars are notoriously unreliable (as are French and Italian cars). Some of the most reliable cars on the road are Mercedes, Volvo, Toyota and Honda, but that is getting off the topic.

There is a rift between the sexes when it comes to automobiles. Men tend to pamper their cars with the finest waxes (applied by hand of course) and exellent care. Men also think about their dream car(s) which tend to change often. For example: my dream car (today) is the 1948 Tucker, one of the most collectable cars (only 47 remain of the 51 built). But I also would enjoy a 2004 Volvo S60R to park next to the Tucker, which would be next to my first car, a 1976 Volvo 245 DL.

Cars are an emotional subject ranging from single cars, to brand loyalty (Ford vs Chevrolet) to entire continents (American cars vs everyone else). Be wary when bringing up the subject of cars, especially with us guys, you never know if we are devout Ford owners who hate rice burners, or lovers of Mercedes and Audi.