Neveron is a free browser-based online strategy game loosely based on Battletech. The combat system, the core of the game, uses the level 1 BattleTech rules with some optional rules from MaxTech(like floating critical hits) thrown in to make it more interesting (or maybe the admins are just a tad sadistic...).

However, rather than simply being an online version of BattleTech, Neveron is an online persistent world where empires are built and destroyed over the course of years. One of the things that makes Neveron unique is that the game never resets; empires and their infrastructure are permanent investments. Every war machine in the game (except mechs, though that is changing) is built and sold by players in a free-market economy. Additionally, an item and its component parts must be researched before it can be built, a process which can take actual years. The slow pace of research and scarcity of resources have been the primary causes of many wars, each more devastating than the last as Neveron alliances grow larger and more polarized.

The politics of Neveron are remarkably diverse, and are not limited to the world of BattleTech. Currently, the game is dominated by three uber-alliances - Genyosha, Ryuken, and Harbingers of Chaos. This triad of player-run factions recently wiped out Kizo, the largest alliance in Neveron history, under the claim that a Kizo monopoly was driving runaway inflation and that Nimon, the leader of Kizo who had bought his way into power, was using his status to force the rest of Neveron to submit to his "vision". Kizo has since been disbanded and reverted to its independent component factions, the Freemasonic Lodge of Light, the Word of Blake, KizoKuin, and several smaller, inependent factions such as House Se'usian. Also worth mentioning are the Underdark Confederation, LIFE, the Clans, and the ComGuards.

The entire game runs in Internet Explorer and is coded in Visual Basic. As such, it can be run from anywhere (well, anywhere with a net-connected box running IE). The game is constantly being added to and improved, so there is an annoying amount of bugs, though these usually only manifest themselves when a new feature has been added. The admins (the only people officially working on Neveron) consist of two people, Randy and his trusted lieutenant, Wayward Son. These guys are horribly overworked and should be sent gifts of cake, UPS units, and Toyota pickups. Neveron can be found at