This time, I am ready. Meticulous preparation and wise counsel have availed me in the prior months. The darkness comes towards me, but I laugh at its approach. All the terror and evil it possesses cannot frighten me, for I am stronger now than I once was. Well-trained and focused, I am confident of my victory.

The last time, I was defeated. I have learned from my trials, and now run no longer, but prepare and face them. Those that were once my demons now come to be vanquished at my hand. I look around. Where once were sheer walls with no escape, I see the traps that I have laid for the enemy. Success is certain.

Now, at last, the time has come! The darkness approaches me. It remembers a weaker foe, over which it easily triumphed. But I am that man no longer. Now it comes for me, and I am a beacon of blazing light. I beckon, and the darkness hesitates, and then lunges. Battle ensues. I am wounded by the attack, but my preparations are not in vain. I rise up and lay waste to my demons, and emerge more powerful than ever before.

I have won through!