I never thought it would come to this

...Your Needing My Wisdoms Bad

Ok, I've admitted for five years that I am a nit-picker of style. I refer people to the Everything Style Guide, the Nitpicker's Style Guide, their high school English book, etc.; Some of you still aren't getting it. Creating a hard link out of a title or some other phrase you want to emphasize is a cop-out. That's not markup. What if my browser can't or doesn't underline hyperlinks? What if I'm using a screen reader? Ok, that was a little disingenuous because a screen reader would choke on this write-up, but I digress. If you aren't familiar with how to use good markup in your write-ups please see the links at the end.

I will now present to you a ToasterLeavings style lesson:

  • Your Needings to Italic-ize these title:

  • Your Needings to italic these name:

  • Your Needing to italicize thesis word in English sentence:

      foriegn words when mentioned as foreign words like...
    • Latin: modus operandi (Its meaning how I ROLL. Word up.)
    • Japanese: kanji
    • French: c'est la vie
    • British: bangers and mash. Ok I joked that one for your peoples with my mad CRAZY funny skills on you all!
  • Finalizing. Your Needing to Italicate these too:

    • Letters mentioned as letters (When I was playing some Scrabble or Literati kinda game with my sister I was like no way that quixotic doesn't have two Ks in it. I then was proceded to smack her deftly in the face because I hate that game now for sure.)
    • Words mentioned as words (I was afraid that my mother gave me too many thank yous. Notice that I didn't use an apostrophe in that sentence. Apostrophes to show the plurality of mentioned words is passé. I just italicized passé because it's a foreign word used in an English sentence. Recognize! that your don't have to italicate foreign word if they are sufficiently assimilated.)
    • Numbers mentioned as numbers (I hate the number 1 because 1 is the loneliest number.)
    • I would argue Nodes mentioned as nodes (While I was reading Somenoder's Rant on Style I started to reevaluate my improper use of hard-links as markup.)
  • And now lastly Your putting these in quotation markers:

I'm hoping this had helped you to better user of emphasis in your Nodings. I don't drop these wisdoms lightly for you all be needing them BAD. I don't choose to wanting to have to massage all you people reapeatingly because it's getting to be worse than getting IN CHECK by Busta Rhymes, whoo haa!

See also: Gritchka's style guide, Everything Style Guide, The Nitpicker's Guide to E2 Style and Formatting, E2 HTML tags : Chapter 2

Special thanks to fellow nit-pickers that nitpicked me: Albert Herring, Mauler, Lj and others.