The Bebop is a large, seaworthy space vessel, that houses the characters of the excellent anime serial Cowboy Bebop. Jet Black bought it second hand on Ganymede and since then he has spent plenty of time fixing it up, and repairing it after myriad scuffles.

The ship itself is a large, brassy monohull (similar in shape to a 1940s flying boat) with two horizontal pylon/wings housing the ailerons. At the end of each pylon is an engine which suspends each rudder. The expansive upper deck will safely park the Swordfish II and the Redtail with room left over for Faye to sun bathe. For space travel the smaller craft can be stowed in hangar amidships. A rotating innerhull provides artificial gravity during spaceflight. The main bridge sits atop the hangar permiting a wide view all around the craft. Finally, the technical information follows:


Class: Fishing Boat
ISPD: 123651
Designation: STSSD-31(61B)
Duration: 6935 days
Launch weight: 1,567,772 kg
Launch length: 142.7 m
  1. Powerhand x 2
  2. Rocketanchor x 2
  1. Swordfish II (mono racer)
  2. Hammerhead (mono boat)
  3. Redtail (mono carrier)

All information gleaned from backgrounds and terminal screens in the anime.