Jake Gyllenhaal (pronounced Jill-En-Hall) was born on December 19, 1980 in Los Angeles, California to Television Director Stephen Gyllenhaal and Screenwriter Naomi Foner. He began acting at a young age, and scoring his first major film role as Billy Crystal's son in "City Slickers". From there he appeared in films such as "A Dangerous Woman" with Debra Winger and "Josh and S.A.M.", and graduated from Harvard-Westlake private school in 1998. The following year he made his breakthrough performance as Homer Hickam in "October Sky", based on Hickam's book.

After "October Sky", Gyllenhaal's filmography seemed to take a versatile leap as he aquired starring roles in two exceedingly different types of movies: Disney's "Bubble Boy" and the indie sensation of 2001, "Donnie Darko". "Bubble Boy" garnered more attention for being inappropriate and crude, but "Donnie Darko" had ensured Gyllenhaal a place amongst the more fascinating and daring of young Hollywood hunks, and also got him an Independent Spirit Award nomination. After two years of attending Columbia University, he dropped out to continue his acting full time.

Gyllenhaal has recently appeared in (and received much critical acclaim for) "The Good Girl" with Jennifer Aniston and "Lovely & Amazing" with Catherine Keener. He took to the London Stage recently to perform in "This Is Our Youth" with Anna Paquin and Hayden Christensen. As I type this, Gyllenhaal is one day away from showing up at my school (Salem State College) to premeire his latest film, "Moonlight Mile", which was shot in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The film features acting giants Susan Sarandon and Dustin Hoffman and has already received incredible advance reviews. His sister, Maggie Gyllenaal, is also an actor, getting much attention for her latest film, "Secretary", with James Spader. He is close friends with Jason Schwartzman ("Rushmore", "Simone") as well as the other members of Schwartzman's band, Phantom Planet and their "rival band" Maroon 5.

Jake Gyllenhaal's Incomplete Filmography:

Fashionistas (2005) .... Gavin Marshall
Zodiac (2006) .... Graysmith
Jarhead (2005) .... Swoff
Proof (2005) .... Hal
Brokeback Mountain (2005) .... Jack Twist
The Man Who Walked Between the Towers (2005) .... Narrator
Day After Tomorrow, The (2003) .... Sam Hall
Moonlight Mile (2002) .... Joe Nast
Good Girl, The (2002) .... Holden Worther
Highway (2001) .... Pilot Kelson
Lovely & Amazing (2001) .... Jordan
Bubble Boy (2001) .... Jimmy Livingston
Donnie Darko (2001) .... Donnie Darko
October Sky (1999) .... Homer Hickam
Homegrown (1998) .... Jake/Blue Kahan
Josh and S.A.M. (1993) .... Leon
Dangerous Woman, A (1993) (as Jacob Gyllenhaal) .... Edward
City Slickers (1991) .... Danny Robbins