Many infamous pirates were known to be missing an appendage. Movies speaking of their legacies tell of gold, betrayal, murder, family loyalty, sword fights, cannons, sharks, keelhauling, bilge rats, islands, maps, fever, death, pain, whores, scurvy, money, love, hate, vengeance. Characterized by crude language, including such as:

1. Scallywag

2.Walk the plank

3. Aye Matey!

4. Mutiny ye dirty rat

5. Ill have ye hung from the mast like the dog ye are


Now, many of you may know more lingo, but that is just a taste of these rotten foul mouthed creatures.

Pirates were often chased by the British Army. These lobsterbacks would stop at nothing short of torture to bring these scoundrels to the gallows.

Since I was small, I have looked up to these filthy woman handling, rotting men of the sea. To this day, I still do.