Apple's new, funky iPod mp3 players are just about the closest you get to the perfect sound machine, except for a few very slight flaws.

Apart from limited hard disk size (curently 20 GB) - the largest flaw is that it is white. Only the newest Apple products conform to that new snow-white colouring sceme. And so, if you are the unlucky owner of some older apple equipment, such as a pre- tiBook Powerbook or one of those translucent-cased G3 or iMacs, you are pretty much fucked.

Sure, the iPod is as good no matter what colour your computer is, but if you are going out of your way to get the coolest of the cool mp3 players, you might as well do it in style.

That is why some genius came up with the ultimate solution:


You might laugh, but the solution is brilliant. Condoms actually come in iMac colours (which is quite sad, really, but it is a fact - have a look in your local sex shop...)

In other words - get some non-lubricated (I suppose lubricated ones could work as well, but that might get a bit messy, and they tend to smell worse*) condoms in the colour of your computer, and put your iPod inside.

Instant fashion statement!

bol says re iPod: but..but..but how do you see the menus?
SharQ says: Use translucent iMac coloured condoms - they are available! (sad, sad world)

*) just a little anecdote here: I caught a friend having phone sex once, and the next day, I stuffed her cell phone inside a lubricated condom (safe sex, get it?). It was fun, until we realised that lubrication was rather difficult to get off. As far as I know, her phone still smells like lubricant - 6 months later.