must be read in context with the previous writeup. Please note that everything Tallroo writes is 100% accurate. However - this is the public's view. A large portion of the media knows that "reality" (whatever that is) is slightly different;

Jo Moore has become the symbol of spin throughout Britain. Her infamy has spread all over northern Europe, and I would be most surprised if US media haven’t jumped on the story as well.

Yes, what she did was very insensitive, and even utterly tasteless. But that doesn’t make it wrong; Newsflash: Politics are insensitive and tasteless. In my journalism lectures, I have one particular lecturer who has worked as a PR consultant in politics. Not only do things like this happen, but they happen all the time, and the technique of burying, moving or hushing down bad news is used every single day.

Case in point; The whole Monica Lewinsky scandal. The US were dropping bombs in Yugoslavia as if there was no tomorrow, but hardly any of the US media wrote about the “collateral damage” that was the hundreds of dead civilians. And why? Because the media had thrown itself on the whole thing, after the Drudge Report dug out the story.

Do you really believe that Bill Clinton didn’t have a propaganda machine big enough to avert most of the attention if he had wanted? (he could have put the media's attention on the situation in Yugoslavia without any problem, but probably deemed it favourable to keep the attention on himself)

I don’t say that what Jo Moore did wasn’t wrong – but as a spin doctor, she did her job perfectly: Whereas everyone else had stopped working (as mentioned in Tallroo’s excellent write-up), she kept her head cool and saw a brilliant opportunity to release news.

My point is that ms. Jo Moore only did her job – and she can hardly be blamed for the current political climate being so cynical that the jobs as spin-doctors have to exist. And the fact that Tony Blair made the statement he did ("I do not defend in any shape or form what she said, which was horrible and wrong and stupid."), makes him even more of a liar than ever - his PR people are some of the most talented spin doctors the british media ever had to cope with. Mind you, whoever leaked that message from Jo Moore to the press was probably more of a bastard than Jo Moore.

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