In club juggling, a club which spins in the opposite direction to the usual throw. When you receive clubs in a passing pattern, they will get to you with reverse spin.

To throw them to yourself is more tricky. Starting with one club, just throw it in the wrong direction. You'll probably start by lifting your hand very high and fast in order to give it enough spin. However, you don't need to do this. Instead, as you bring your hand up, flick it towards yourself, trailing your first finger along the handle of the club. This should whip it round with enough spin to get it to your opposite hand facing the right way around.

Catching it is even harder. You need to bring your hand up a bit, and make a grab for it as the knob comes round. You might not find this too hard just yet, but wait until you try doing this in a pattern!

Well, getting the reverse spin is pretty much like learning to juggle clubs all over again. (Wheee! What fun!) After practicing the basic throw again and again, practice catching a reverse spin throw just after throwing a normal spin. Now practice catching a normal spin just after throwing a reverse spin. Don't worry about reverse spin right after reverse spin - you won't be at that stage for a while yet.

Now it's a case of getting the reverse spins into your regular cascade. Usually you'll manage a few throws after catching a reverse, then mess up and drop. Keep trying. After you can do it smoothly, see how quickly you can recover enough to do another reverse spin... every six throws, every three throws, every other throw...

Now, finally, you've come to the point where you can do two reverse spins in a row. The key to this is that just after you throw the second reverse, your hand is slightly higher than normal. Keep it up here, and grab that reverse spin catch! Soon, you'll be able to do several reverse spins in a row. (If you're really good, you can try a reverse cascade all with reverse spin! But there again, that's just silly. Spend your time learning something more flashy, like the Mill's Mess with clubs.)

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