Due to the western media's portrayal of everything that could possibly hurt profits many people have deep misconceptions of Islam. I write here concerning just one of them, which is the treatment of women.

As in every other religion, what the religion says and what the people who claim to follow it do can be completely different things. Islam teaches the fair and equal treatment of women. In the days of Muhammed women were completely equal, they were partners in trade and fellow soldiers in battle. They had fully equal rights. Prophet Muhammed met his first wife when she hired him into her trading firm.

The practices of countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and other supposedly Muslim countries are not based on Islam, but are based on the beliefs of those who run those countries these days. The US government may promise tax cuts, but do they PRACTICE tax cuts? It is the same in the East, leaders say the words they need to get into office, then they're set for a few years, and say "Screw the populace."

The very idea of a monarchy as in Saudi Arabia is specifically banned under Islamic law as under Islam there can only be one form of government, the Calipha who is elected by the people. Unlike the west, in Islam there is no "Separation of Church and State" as Allah (God) created man and the rules we should follow as well. And it is not up to a person, who suffers from defects and wants to try and design the perfect judicial system as God is perfect, and has done it perfectly, and we are not perfect, as shown by the myriad stupid problems our own "laws" get us into.

The barbaric practice of "female circumcision" practiced in some parts of Africa also has no basis in Islam. The people who did it before they were Muslim continue to do it after they claim to have become Muslim, and what can we do to stop them?

People who have the wrong idea about Islam have this problem because they have been give false information, to see the truth just visit any Mosque near you, or visit an Islamic website. But don't believe everything you see or hear, as their are many dis-information websites started by God knows who that spread false information, and the same people make flyers, or start rumors, or pretend to be Muslim to tell lies to people who are already basing their opinions off false information.

If someone doesnt have the information but seeks it, you are simply uninformed. If someone has the information but refuse to read it then they are ignorant.