‘The Sharp’ are a Australian band from the very early 1990’s. They are featured in four albums either their own or compilations. The Sharp consists of Charlie Rooke : Guitars / Vocals, Piet Collins : Drums / Vocals and Allan Catlin : Double Bass / Vocals.

They disappeared around 1995 and went their separate ways to do other projects by themselves, however they can still be found around Melbourne to be doing gigs together.

Their most famous songs are ‘Alone like me’ and ‘Scratch my back’ , Scratch My Back was voted at 63 of Triple J Hottest 100 (An Australian Radio Station) in 1993. It came ahead of such bands like Rage Against the Machine, Blur and REM.

They are famous for always wearing black skivvies to which they have also been ridiculed for this by Australian comedians like Rob Sitch on the ‘Late Show’. The Sharp were supposed to release a new single in 2000 because their gigs together sparked talk of a come back, but nothing has been heard of since.

Just a little interesting information about them, they used to drive around Australia for their tours in a van previously owned by ASIO (Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation) and Piet Collins wrote some episodes of ‘Neighbours’ . For those American readers, Neighbours is a soppy TV show that doesn’t seem to have changed much in the past three decades and ASIO is like the equivalent to your CIA.

I like this band because every time I hear their music it makes me laugh and puts me in a good mood, they are a funny and wear black skivvies which is even more funnier. I’m looking for the lyrics to ‘Alone like me’ so if anyone magically finds them, let me know.