People keep telling me that things will look up from now on, well, I’m still waiting.

I got a letter from the computer company that I brought my computer from, they are being difficult and still wasting time to replace my monitor that is unrepairable and still under warranty.

I’m still waiting on a call from the insurance company about what they are going to do with my car. Insurance companies have no conscious. I can’t believe that a accident where I could have smashed into a tree, just because an idiot wasn’t looking where he was going, I have to suffer consequences when it wasn’t even my fault. It will be ages before I can drive again, while the perpetuator of this incident gets to drive off. I have a witness and the police that all know that it wasn’t my fault. Yet I am the one with out a car, and with the prospect of having to fork out cash to get a new one.

When I found out how grim this situation looks, I go on e2 to describe my misery and frustration in a day log, hoping to get more xp considering day logs do pretty well, and I thought people might have some sympathy for my troubles and would upvote my day log just to make me feel better, how wrong I was! More bad news, I loose a lot of xp. I don’t understand. What was so wrong with venting my depression in a day log that people dislike it so much?

I wish I had some kind of explanation for things.

I guess I shouldn’t let things bother me, I have an exam on statistics to study for and at least my parents are letting me use their car so I can see my boyfriend tonight. He can stop me from crying.

* continues to wait for the bad news to stop reeling in*