Another of the villains from TV's Darkwing Duck. QuackerJack was the CEO of his own toy company in St. Canard and made a healthy profit from his toys, such as puzzle games and wooden figures and other classic gags. All perfectly harmless fun.

But then technology reared its ugly head and QJ's toy empire was reduced to ruins after the coming of Whiffleboy and his line of video games and interactive toys. All of a sudden QuackerJack toys were yesterday's news, and QJ found himself out of business. This drove the toymaker mad. He began cavorting around St. Canard in his jester's outfit with a banana puppet on his shoulder (Mr. Banana Brain, voiced by the late Phil Hartman the one time the puppet spoke). QJ often spoke to the puppet and then spoke by a reply in a high-pitched voice. His primary weapons were giant chomping gag teeth. His catchphrase was "It's plaaaaaaaaaaaaytime!"

QuackerJack vowed revenge against the Whiffle Empire by destroying the character, but luckily Darkwing Duck saved the day by going into the Whiffleboy video game and saving the plucky mascot from certain doom.

With that plot foiled, QJ turned his attention to his original fans - children! He reintroduced his classic toy line, but this time all the toys were violent, dangerous, and deadly. QJ lured the children of St. Canard to his underground lair and encouraged them to fight it out with his toys. Once again, Darkwing Duck saved the day.

In another incident Mr. Banana Brain become possessed by a maniacal demon that fed on fear and pain. QJ and Darkwing had to work together to thwart the demon Paddywhack.

QuackerJack went on to become one of the Fearsome Five, although he was definitely the most disadvantaged of the group (and this was often referred to by his partners in crime). In fact, during one caper Negaduck stole a magic gem that tranferred the powers of others into whoever holds the gem and he stole the powers of the other members of the gang. Negaduck acquired QJ's wacky sense of humor in this tranference, so perhaps he does have a power after all.

When he wasn't working with the Fearsome Five, QuackerJack and Megavolt often teamed up and used the Time Top to travel through time and change history. One scheme was to go back to the dawn of laws and set themselves up as lawmakers. Of course they would encourage chaos and when they returned to the present, St. Canard would be a lawless paradise.

Another time QJ and Megavolt went to the future to escape from Darkwing Duck, however (unbeknownst to them) DW's daughter Gosalyn Mallard had stowed away on the Time Top. With Gosalyn missing, Darkwing became an obsessed vigilante and ruled the future with an iron fist as Darkwarrior Duck. In a rare showing of heroics and compassion, QuackerJack and Megavolt worked together to get Gosalyn back to the past so that this dark future would never happen.

The last Time Top plot involved going back in time to the birth of the yo yo and stealing it for QJ's private collection. Darkwing Duck followed QJ to the past and restored the timeline, of course.

The series ended without any resolution to the QuackerJack saga. For all we know he's still lurking out there waiting for future animated projects.