Dixie Kong's younger cousin in the Donkey Kong universe. Kiddy has only been seen in two games, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Double Trouble and Donkey Kong Land 3, although he was slated to appear in the canceled Donkey Kong Racing.

Despite being younger than Dixie, Kiddy towers over his older cousin. He's a large toddler and as such wears his oversize blue footy pajamas everywhere he goes. He's learned to do the roll attack that Donkey Kong has perfected, but he still has some learning to do. He also has the worst jump of any of the Kongs, although his large size gives him extra mass for crashing through things. He can pick up Dixie and hurl her to new heights, although when Dixie lifts him she can barely walk with the added weight. She can, however, toss him into a roll attack and ride his balled-up form through hazards.

Despite being created by Rareware, ownership of the character has reverted to Nintendo after Rareware was bought by Microsoft. It is possible that the ape toddler will ride again someday.