Remember a few days ago when my appliances turned against me? Well, the war is over. This afternoon a brand new fridge was delivered to my apartment and it quite outshines the old one. It's sparkling white, has inset grips instead of bulky door handles, and has much more space inside for food storage. It's a Hotpoint model, if that means anything to anyone. And best of all because of the terms of my lease it didn't cost me a thing. Even better yet: the apartment will reimburse me for the meats that spoiled due to the fridge breaking in the first place. You know what this means, right? Free meat!

As for my Crohn's Disease issues, I saw my doctor today and he ordered some blood tests to gauge the disease's activity plus he prescribed me a new, stronger pain medication. Apparently the pharmacist couldn't read the prescription and thought that the order called for 30 grams of medication, a dose that is strong enough to kill fifty people, instead of 30 milligrams. Due to the mixup it'll be tomorrow before I get these new pills. In the meantime I remain on my all-liquid diet and spend my days at home in bed.

They'll probably never see this, but I want to give special thanks to my grandparents who have been helping me out lately during my periods of inactivity due to illness. My pain pills have prevented me from driving and they've been nice enough to drive from forty miles away to bring me popsicles, Ensure, lactose-free ice cream, and other liquids. Without them handling my illness would be much more difficult and I'm very lucky to have such wonderful grandparents nearby.